Social Media Marketing Tips For Schools: What You Should Do/ What You Should Avoid

While many schools ask their teachers to create and manage the social media platforms, this is definitely not the right way as social media is not only about posting. It is also connecting with your target audience at the right time and the right place.  Social media is yet another medium of advertising, and the job should be given to someone who has an understanding of the specialized content marketing strategy which works in the different social media platforms.

I’ve created a list of the kind of content a school should share to connect with the existing and prospective audience in the best way.  These tips can also improve the visibility of your school online- especially if your school has never used social media or don’t know how it works.


  • Videos/blogs of your students. Ask them to share their favorite memories. You can also ask an ex-student to write a blog on same.
  • Behind the scenes of any sports or cultural events.
  • Questions and polls that matter to your existing students.
  • Share content on what school/campus life is more like.
  • Beautiful scenery, architecture and other facilities of the school. It will help your prospective audience know what the school is all about.
  • Share updates of events like concerts, graduation or any science fair.
  • Inform the audience about the special guests who are coming for a particular event at the school. It will create a buzz among your target audience.
  • Focus on the special/unique characters around campus. It can be the security guard who is responsible for the safety and security of your school or lady attendant who takes care of your child on the bus. Give them special recognition.
  • Ask the existing students to take pictures of what the school means to them. It will help you understand what they like about the school.


A Sales Pitch On All Your Posts

No matter how many admissions you need, it should not reflect on your posts. Always share information which will help you to build a relationship with parents. Once you’ve established your school as a reliable brand, you will see a huge increase in the admissions.

Ignoring/ Hiding/Deleting The Negative Comments

Social media is all about connecting with your audience, even when they are upset. Never ever ignore them. Always try to address the queries of each and every audience and build a beautiful relationship with them. Acknowledge the problem and offer the solution online so that it’s visible to everyone.

Trying All The Platforms

Is there any point to be on twitter if your audience is not there? Who would you talk to? Do a little bit of research on the top social media platforms schools are using. Nowadays, schools are using Facebook to share the regular content like school news, blogs, and videos of children. However, there are some schools which are also focusing on YouTube after Facebook as the popularity of videos has recently increased.


Undoubtedly, the end goal is to get admissions for your schools.  However, social networks are more about connections, which means creating awareness about your brand and engaging your audience. Consider this platform as an extension of your schools’ brand, where you can find like-minded individuals.

As it’s the beginning of a new session, you should now evaluate where your social media stands for the 2018-19 year. Do a social media audit to see what kind of posts will engage the audience, how your competitors are using social media, and more.

All the best!

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