How To Write The Best Product Descriptions?

Do product descriptions impact sales?

Of course, they do.

Unfortunately, you won’t get many case studies online. You would be surprised to know that more than 20% of people don’t buy because the product is not described properly.

What one needs to understand is that there are many products which you can sell very easily. For example, a simple white t-shirt. You won’t have to describe much. A title and a picture is just fine in this case.

In case, if it’s a technical product, then the job becomes a little hard.

Good Product Description V/S The Bad One

Length of the text doesn’t matter as long as the description is correct. The objective is to write what the product is all about and why you should buy it.

If a product is self explanatory, then your job becomes easy. However, if a product is a tank fryer,  the explanation is a must.

Here’s the example:-


Quick Details

The products that Lincat LDF2 offer are best in the market and the Lincat LDF2 Lynx 400 twin tank countertop fryer isn’t an exception either. The twin tank model is built so that the output is better, faster and more versatile than ever before. The tank is constructed using stainless steel and it is removable as well. Even the control head, as well as the batter-plate, can be removed so that cleaning those is effortless and quick. Therefore, Lincat LDF2 Lynx 400 twin tank countertop fryer can be the ideal choice for your kitchen.

Why should I buy the Lincat LDF2?

The Lincat Lynx 400 fryer is made with removable parts and thus, the elements and the control panels are detachable. Besides, the fryer runs with the help of electricity and you can cook anything light duty such as delicious chicken fries, fish fillets, French fries, onion rings, shrimps, donuts and what not. The thermostatic control can be set between 130°C to 190°C. In case of an emergency or any mishap, the fail- safe thermal cut out immediately gets activated reducing the chances of any damage either to the fryer or t you. While the tanks are made using 304-grade stainless steel, the body of the Lincat Lynx 400 fryer is constructed using 430-grade stainless steel. The frying baskets are chrome plated, which makes it easy to clean as well as increases its longevity. the handles are insulated so that they don’t get heated up during frying something on high heat. The Lincat Lynx 400 fryer comes in different sizes to suit each of your demands.

Lincat Lynx 400 offers the most convenient counter-top cooking appliances that run by electricity and operate at either 3kW or even less. Thus, you can save a huge amount of time and start cooking right after plugging in the appliances. These light cooking appliances aren’t only value for money but these also ensure that you can make good use of your limited space in the kitchen. Lincat Lynx 400 includes griddles, a chip scuttle Bain Maries, fryers, convection oven, a pasta boiler, boiling tops, pizza oven, infra-red grills, and Panini grills.


Always add keywords which are search engine friendly. In case, if you are not able to fit them in the description, you can always out it in the title.

Ultimately, as a writer, your description should make the shopper buy the product immediately.

It should be clear and concise.

Do you face any challenges while writing product descriptions? Tell us in the comments section.

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