Engage With Commentators On Facebook ASAP!

This is true for all the social media platforms you are currently using. Most of the times, we use the insights/algorithms to determine which social media post is working and which is not. In a recent social media meeting, one of my colleagues said that “LIKES” should be the primary factor to decide how our Facebook page is working. However, it is not true.

For Facebook and Instagram, “engagement” is the primary factor which determines which content should be displayed on the social media platform and which one you should ignore. One of the most integral form of engagement is the comments you get on a specific post. Posts which receive the maximum comments is always displayed in the news feed of the users.



For instance, this particular post received 154 likes, 115 comments, 10 shares and is one of the highly engaged post on the news feed.  It is very important for a social media manager to react to all the comments once you notice it on the time line.


The more quickly you react to the comments received, the more easily you will be able to engage with your audience. Comment in a way that makes your user feel special-and this way you can also improve the brand sentiment. I hope you keep these tips in mind to engage with your target audience. Do let me know how you engage with your users.

All the best!

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