Yes, we do need feminism!

Sitting in a big MNC office, with the AC’s ON, my colleague said, “We don’t need feminism”. You consider yourself as weak and therefore talk about empowerment. I really wanted to come back at them with all the facts which states that women still experiences discrimination every now and then. Needless to mention, most of the people believe that feminists are women who hate men and believes in the empowerment of female.

Alas, most of the people don’t understand what the word “feminism” means. They imagine that women will soon take over the planet, kill men and raise the children on their own. The idea of feminism is that, each and every human being, no matter whether it’s he/she/any other rights, they all have equal rights to exercise the political, economic and social rights.

You go to an interview. The interviewer asks you, when will you get married? Or any plans of marriage in the coming years? Do they ask this question to men? Certainly NO! Most of the people in this society believes that women are not serious about their job like men or probably they won’t give their 100% after marriage. We badly need feminism because we also deserve to be treated right even after marriage. We deserve a higher wage like a man.

Let’s talk about Saudi Arabia. They have now given women the right to drive a car. However, they still cannot marry on their own, travel to a new city, apply for divorce or get a job. For each and every small thing, they need to ask their male guardian for permission. Is that how things should be?  It is very important to work for women who are left behind. We need to fight for their basic rights.

Not All Women Get The Opportunity To Exercise Same Rights And Opportunities

Most of the times, I receive a very common anti-feminist argument coming from women which is, “feminists act like they are victims.” I always say to them, Congratulation girl, you’ve been so lucky not to experience discrimination at any phase of your life. However, majority of the women are not as lucky as you are.

Speak to women from all the different parts of India and they will share their stories on discrimination and abuse. Just because you haven’t experienced sexism and discrimination in your entire life (or you may have) doesn’t mean that you will judge the other women.

We need feminism because there should be no one who will tell us that it’s in our nature to sacrifice, it’s mandatory to use the name of your partner after marriage. Yes, we may do it, but it should be done out of love and not because society expects you to do so. Feminism doesn’t mean that women cannot speak for themselves. But, there are many women who aren’t lucky enough.

We need to fight for them. Always, and till the time things don’t change.

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