In 2005, I have introduced me to the world of internet and I must confess that I was fascinated by the way it worked. From ORKUT to YAHOO MESSENGER, you can spend as much time as you want on the net.

There was a computer cafe in our society, every day after school I use to go there, and spend hours on the web- editing pictures, researching on the top mass communication colleges and sending friend requests to strangers.

The surprise came from my mom when she said I spend Rs. 50 for 5 hours on a day and that was a lot of money for a teenager back in those days. She said, ‘If you love to be online then pursue a career in the same.’ It was a taunt. I took it seriously. After two years, I joined Calcutta University to study Mass Communications. There were three major sections i.e. Print Media, Electronic Media & Web Media.

Most of my college mates were interested to explore the first two options, but I always knew that WEB is the next big thing in the world. Focused on being “Social Media Communications Strategist” and now when I look back, I did it right. I am paid for staying online.

I would love to know how you were introduced to the world of Internet. What’s your Internet story?

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