An Open Letter To My Childhood!

To My Dear Childhood,

It’s been so long that we have not spoken to each other. Though I had such a terrible time as a child I do realize that it was one of the most beautiful times of my life which I have already lived. I am 29 years old and I felt that I should write how I felt at 13. We might never get a chance again to relive our childhood memories.

So, you do remember that I played KHO-KHO? Ah. I would love to play those kho-kho sessions again and again. I was so lean and thin that none of the boys ever asked me for dating. It did bother me sometimes. However, kho-kho kept me busy. I was more popularly known as someone with great leadership skills.


And that day, when all my family members advised me to take up science and leave sports, I was not feeling OKAY. My mother told me, I should leave sports and all the co-curricular activities because that won’t help me get a job. I am not blaming my mother. She was just doing what she thought to be the best in those circumstances.

How can I make them understand that Science did nothing for me? Sports did. It made me a leader. It taught me the joy of winning and feeling of losing. I still have the same energy, excitement, and enthusiasm for everything and this is mainly because I played sports at an early age.


The reason why I am writing this letter to you is that I met a boy who shares the same energy and excitement as me. I saw him playing against the great Bhaichung Bhutia. I saw a spark in his eyes when he was playing. And those innocent eyes, with big dreams. He is Raj Kishore Mahto.

I wish I would one day see him playing in the Indian Football Team. I wish he gets some great coaches to guide him. I wish he achieve what he believes.

More power to you MAHTO (as his friends in SSPF call him). Keep playing because you have silly fans like me. Play because you owe it to yourself. Play when nobody expects you to. Play because you look alive when you do so.


A Sports Lover & Your Fan

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