That Kiss In The Rain By Novoneel Chakraborty- Book Review

There’s so much written about love, in many novels, and therefore THAT KISS IN THE RAIN also talks about the same in a different way. However, it is a little different from what is written in all the other romantic novels. The characters in THAT KISS IN THE RAIN are very strong. They all have their individual stories, and that’s make it different because most of the other novels usually focus on one character.

Needless to mention, it depends on your perspective. You may also find the story like a typical Karan Johar plot because it has its twists and turns. The most important question is, would you like to read “THAT KISS IN THE RAIN” when the title itself says that it’s a romantic story? It’s Novoneel Chakraborty’s second book.

The story begins with Hassil’s major car accident where he lost his life, and the twist is that he has lost his memory. Haasil is very curious to know about his wife. The other leading female characters are, Pallavi and Swadha who enter his life later to make it more complicated.

What will happen to Hassil? Will he get back Palki? How the three love stories reaches the end? Who gets Hassil? If these questions, seems interesting to you, then grab a copy of the book from your nearest book store.

Novoneel Chakraborty’s storytelling style is a little boring. He has described the characters in the right way, but failed to connect them strongly. That might be the reason why you may lose your interest while reading the book.




Bad ending

Thanks for reading! 🙂




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