The Kite Runner By Khaled Hosseini- Review

Certain books are just like a breath of fresh air. Just when you’re stuck with your busy assignments which pay you enough to live a good life, you feel like writing something for yourself. Yes. It won’t pay, but will definitely make you feel good.

Khalid Hosseini’s debut novel, THE KITE RUNNER, won’t let you sleep because it talks about friendship, love, betrayal, war- and everything that makes you humane.  A beautiful story of betrayal in friendship and redemption in the end- and you will connect with each and every character personally.

It will make you excited and emotional at the same time. This novel shares the beautiful story of friendship between Amir and Hassan, the childhood friend who enjoyed flying kites in the streets of Kabul. The way you see Afghanistan will change after reading this novel, and that’s exactly why this is worth reading.

Just like the colorful kites battling in the wide sky with each other, a never-ending war starts in Afghanistan, and it changes everything in their lives. Young Amir betrays his childhood friend Hasan, which he regrets all throughout his life. Amir and his father flee to America because of the war- but the mistakes Amir committed haunts him all the time. He returns to Afghanistan after a long time.

This is a very quick, yet a dull paced story, and will introduce to the beautiful life in Afghanistan. It is not only fascinating but you will find it familiar with the kind of life you are living now. The reason readers love Khaled Hosseini is that he has a very clear yet a powerful writing style that will make you think.

A very special thing about KITE RUNNER is the way the writer has depicted its fate and justice. His coming back to Afghanistan, and going to the old house, recalling the childhood memories is something beautiful. It’s a hope for the war-torn Afghanistan which is in our mind all the time.

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