हम काले है तो क्या हुआ दिलवाले है!

It all starts when you are young. That moment when you are born, it’s sometimes your loving relatives or over-friendly neighbors who compare you with your siblings and how you would have looked a little better with a lighter skin.

They may not talk about it openly, but it’s in their mind. You will feel it slowly as you grow. My cousins were always a little more loved and pampered because they were fair-skinned.

No, I was never jealous but how can somebody do that?

I am writing about it because I have been humiliated so many times by my relatives when I was young. I remember the guy I was dating in school and who was my first love made fun of me because of my complexion. Those words still haunt me. It did shattered my confidence. Now, I am a young and confident girl who least care how she looks, and focusses more on what she is thinking, how she is conveying it to people.

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Of course, my wonderful friends and family helped me to deal with the complexion issues. But, I have seen my friends who were deeply affected. I saw some of them in tears. I saw some of them committing suicide because it was their family who made fun of them. What’s so abnormal about dark skin? Why it’s not considered as beautiful?

A perfect skin complexion can give you a perfect life. That’s exactly how the society behaves. Your perfect life depends on your fair shade- that’s the kind of mindset people have. And it’s helping the cosmetic industry earn million dollars. From skin bleaching to laser treatments, whitening creams, everyone is doing everything to be FAIR. It’s more than just a complexion and has become an obsession for people, and that’s when it becomes dangerous. Isn’t that RACISM?

More surprisingly, it not only exists in India but there are many other countries where rich people stay indoors, and it’s expected from the dark skinned to work in the outdoors. Pooja Kakkar, a 16 year old college girl, spent loads of money on cosmetic products that promised her to lighten her skin. She tried each and every product. After regularly using the products, her skin became a little fair, though she was not happy about it. It was not the relatives, but her friends who made her feel insecure.

It’s ME!!!!

A girl from my PG commented on my skin complexion, “Iska skin complexion thora better lag raha hai picture mei”. Oh! Ouch! May be she never meant it in a bad way but why fair is considered to be beautiful. Why do I always see the fairy skinned dancers at the front of the stage?

The craze for fair skin is mostly evident in movies, television and ad world. Things have started changing. There are many celebrities who have denied doing ads which depicts the darker skin people as inferior, but if not them, someone will endorse such products. It’s not only the obsession of the cosmetic industry, but Ayurveda teachings also say that pregnant women can have fair skinned babies if they drink saffron milk.

Read the newspapers. Everyone wants a fair bride. No one cares a damn if you have an ugly nose, but they won’t mind if it’s fair. Brides are spending a lot of money in the salons to be the most FAIRY SONPARI on their D-day. This has become so normal because going for the beauty treatment is considered as a part of your wedding preparation.

Attitudes are definitely changing in the society; especially it’s the girls who are no more bothered about the way they look. They only care about the education, employment and financial independence, and no more the groom who’s looking for a GORI LADKI.

हम काले है तो क्या हुआ दिलवाले है!!! 😉

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