Why I Love Canva?

Social media is a visual platform.

You’re lucky if you know Photoshop or any other visual tool which can help you design the images quickly. Of if you are working in a company where you have a team of designers to design the graphics.

But the fact is most of the social media experts lacks the designing skills to create visuals which will have an impact on the target audience. Sometimes, companies are tight on budget and they cannot hire a designer.

So do you encounter such challenges every day:-

• A team of designers who’re too busy with the other projects, and won’t give you time because they have other priorities. Unfortunately, your project is definitely not in their priority list.
• Don’t have the budget to hire a designer.
• Don’t know how to use the visual tools.
• No one in your organization knows how to create graphics.

If you’ve answered YES to all the questions, CANVA is the best tool for you. It will help you create wonderful graphics and the best part is that it’s absolutely free.

How Canva Helps You To Design Images?

You just need to login/register in the dashboard. There are different variety of images or sizes of posters you will see i.e. FACEBOOK POSTS, TWITTER, FLYER etc. You don’t need to worry about resizing the images as this tool offers different kind of templates to be used in the various social platforms.

CANVA will also save the image so that you can use it later if you want to. Isn’t that awesome? For example, if you want to use the same template for your next social media post, you simply need to change the texts.

Is CANVA free?


• You can design images easily.
• Add content to the images.
• Modify colors.
• Choose a beautiful background.
• Change the colors, frames, lines etc.

You can also choose from one million royalty-free pictures. There are few images which will cost around $1 USD but if you’re tight on budget, go for the “FREE” ones.

Can This Tool Create Visually Appealing Images?

Yes. It can.

Using the text option, you can also make changes in the font and size of the text. You can also choose different templates which can make the text more beautiful and appealing. Add, edit and remove the elements using the DRAG AND DROP feature.

There are different color combination palates to make the image more beautiful and appealing to the audience.

Good luck!

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