Khullam Khulla Book Review: A Sneak Peek At Rishi Kapoor’s Uncensored Life

Absolutely true to its name. It’s KHULLAM KHULLA. From Dimple Kabadia to his drinking habits, and his beautiful yet uncomfortable relationship with his son, Ranvir Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor has written everything in his book, and it’s straight from his heart. After all, he is one of the big star-son of the Film Industry.

I love my coffee, and Rishi Kapoor.

In the early 1970’s,  the audience was desperately missing the romance of the teenagers, their love, their joy of romancing each other on screen and the soft kisses, hugs and make-ups, and that’s exactly why people loved Rishi Kapoor because he did everything what the audience wanted.

KHULLAM KHULLA is the autobiography of Rishi Kapoor (with Meena Iyer), and it is published by HARREN COLLINS. It’s a must read for the RISHI KAPOOR fans because this book talks about his career, personal life and the relationships he shared with the co-stars. KHULLAM KHULLA talks about the equation he shared with Dimple, his father’s influence on his career, his friendship with Neetu, his career goals and everything that made him the big star in the industry.

He wrote, “When Neetu gave up her flourishing career at the age of twenty-one, she was one of the top actresses of her time. I can say with a clear conscience that I did not force it upon her. But to be honest, I didn’t try to convince her to keep working either. There was a chauvinist in me that didn’t want his wife to go out to work. All I can say in my defence is that my views have changed since then”. Also, he mentioned why he rejected PYAAR JHUKTA NAHI (1985).

Image Source: Film Companion

Mr. Kapoor also talked about his love for RK banner, and expressed his concern on  future of RK banner, and whether it will exist in this generation. One of the most interesting chapters of this book is when he met DAWOOD IBRAHIM and how his relationship changed with his co-stars Rakesh Roshan, Jitendra in the past years. As for all the love affairs, he did talk about the relationships RAJ KAPOOR had even after marriage, and also mentioned his own flings, the ones he had before marriage.

For a reader it is an interesting and entertaining read. There is no doubt that you would love this book and find it more beautiful if you’re a RISHI KAPOOR fan. He is someone who knows how to call a spade a spade- it is a must buy.

Title: Khullam Khulla

Author: Rishi Kapoor with Meena Iyer

Publisher: Harper Collins

Price: 270/ (Hardcover) AMAZON/


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