A Rainy & Relaxing Weekend In Shoghi

After I came to Delhi, one of the main objectives was to travel all the beautiful places in the Himalayas. You just need to go for an overnight ride, and will reach the mountains within few hours. This is not something you can imagine if you live in Kolkata or any other city because you really need to PLAN a lot if you want to make your holiday successful.

This is my fourth trip from Delhi, after Rishikesh, Nainital and DharamKot. Undoubtedly, it was one of the most relaxing trips because I went in the month of August when it’s raining everywhere. You either go for a trip to explore everything, or relax, enjoy the view of the silent mountains, sip a cup of coffee and a lot more.


The beauty of Shoghi just blown me away since the day I planned my trip. It’s a little beautiful place in Shimla, and the driving distance between both this places is 13 km. If you wish to do a little bit of shopping in the mall road, Shimla (like I do all the time because I love shopping), you can easily reach there within 30 minutes. Enjoy the view during your drive.

The most convenient, cheapest and fastest way to reach Shimla from Shogi is to take a taxi. It will only cost around 100 INR/-. You can also bargain and make it less if you want to save money. The more you’ll explore Shoghi, the more you’ll faill in love with this place because this is a place where you can complete all your pending assignments.


That’s one of the most amazing views.


You won’t find many vehicles on the road and so there’s no pollution at all. This place has a blend of rocky and dense forested mountains, and you should take a good room with balcony view if you want to enjoy the scenic beauty of mountains. This valley is the best place for breathing fresh air.


What makes this place beautiful is the non-commercialization which you’ll find everywhere. There are very few hotels that provides you with the basic needs. You won’t find any shop, but may find BHUTTA SELLERS at some places. It has a central market at 3 kms distance where you can find natural fruit products. You can also buy the local jams, jellies and pickles.



If you’re someone who would like to try HIMACHALI KHANNA, then you must try HIMACHALI RASOI in the “Queens of Hills”. This is the only restaurant in Himachal which serves local Himachali cuisine. This RASOI offers Himachali vegetarian dishes which include the recipes of Kangra and Mandi region, known as Kangri and Mandiali dishes.

I love my coffee, and Rishi Kapoor.

This is one of the oldest places with its classic leather seats, uniformed waiters and blackboard menu. Mostly, you will find locals and elderly people enjoying coffee. It’s the best place in town for breakfast, dosas and of course coffee. Although I am a chai lover, but I still loved their coffee.


Ah!!! My Morning Walks!!

I am someone who loves to go for long walks in the silent roads. The mornings are beautiful and refreshing in Shoghi.  This is a place where you enjoy the serenity of nature.


It’s always good to stay in homestays, because you will find peace. There are very few rooms in homestays, and no one will disturb you. I stayed in ADITYA HOME STAY.  This is an amazing hotel. I loved it more because this is a home stay in the midst of peace and serenity. The staff is lovely and helpful.

That’s my hotel. Pinkish One.

Vikas who is the cook in ADITYA HOME STAY prepared some amazing food for us. Always choose the PREMIUM LUXURY ROOM as they’re on the top floor where you’ll get an amazing view. I paid 2000 INR/- for a room (because I travelled in the Rainy Season when they were offering discounts).

I have a lot to write about the Mountains, and I promise to write everything in my next posts. 🙂

Bye Bye Shoghi!!

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