*Kyu hai “लिपस्टिक अंडर Your बुर्का” *

Bollywood has, at some time, given opportunity to the female actors to express theire desire, but there was always a little control on the characters. Probably, because our ADARSH SOCIETY is so scared to accept women as individuals.

Yes, we’re talking about that ADARSH SOCIETY where a girl gets raped and everyone makes her the victim. News channels make her face blur because who will marry her? Marriage is the ultimate thing in this world. You see.

And, if we get a golden moment to interview the rapists they will question about her attire and why she is going alone. She deserves to get raped. Remember the “controversial Nirbhaya documentary”.

Source: Variety

In 1995 when Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge was released, it was Simran’s character who showed us a little freedom. A little desire to go on her Europe tour. After almost two decades,our favourite Alia Bhatt played a very honest and interesting character in DEAR ZINDAGI- living alone and having sex with multiple partners- this is not something you have seen in the 90’s.

Oh! How we can forget RANI? She went on her honeymoon all alone. And VERONICA, the character which changed the career of Deepika Padukone and taught us that it’s not always good to judge people on the basis of what they are doing.

Accept things the way they are. Apparently, such movies taught women to speak their mind, take a stand and believe in themselves.

Don’t let your “burkha” stop you from doing what you love doing. What are you afraid of? People judging you. People saying bad things about you. How do you define “bad”? Isn’t it just a perspective? Just a point of view.

the indian express
Image Source: The Indian Express

You should also have a point of view. A female point of view. Of course, society won’t accept it. This is the new Indian women. LIPSTICK UNDER MY BURKHA shares the same message. Go and watch it if you believe that you have a point of view.  

4 thoughts on “*Kyu hai “लिपस्टिक अंडर Your बुर्का” *

  1. We don’t realize the affect Bollywood has on us. The more they show women standing up for themselves and doing things for themselves, the more girls and women in the real world will be motivated to be themselves and not worry what society thinks of them.

    Nice article! 🙂

    1. Thank you for your appreciation. Cinema is one of the best means of communication. It’s a medium which should be used in the best way to educate the audience. From autism to women empowerment, politics; there are so many topics which films can cover. Alas, we are still stuck with love and relationships. 😦

  2. So true, we are still stuck with love and relationships and the worst thing is that it is still extremely unrealistic romance and the women are merely just eye candy and does not really have any strong character.

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