Left Or Right!


Friday afternoon.

Around 4 pm.

We used to meet here every day after college. A small, simple and quiet railway station. I have always been attracted to railway stations. You get to see so many different people. And, sometimes when you wait for someone you try to understand their psychology.

Someone is busy chatting in the phone. Someone is waiting eagerly for the next train so that she can feed her hungry child. And, I stood sometimes to see how happy those aunties are selling fruits to the passengers. They loved what they are doing.

It was raining so badly. I was back to my “CITY OF JOY” after 5 years. A lot has been changed including my favorite station where we used to chat for hours, but my city still looks pretty beautiful. That was the same road where we used to argue that whether we should go to “LEFT” or “RIGHT”. LEFT was the way to my home, and RIGHT was HERS.

Yes, we enjoyed each other’s company and it was so difficult to leave her. The reason Calcutta will always be special for me is because I have met beautiful people and I have lost them in the same city. She is still in my friend list. I do like her pictures and she still has that beautiful smile. Nothing has changed, except our friendship. We have not spoken to each other from a long time. We both got busy with our lives.

After 5 years, I was in the same road. There was no one to stop me and say, “Let’s go RIGHT today”. I stood there, waiting for my oldest, best friend.  🙂

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