What Should You Do When You Have 40+ Boring Men In Office?

That’s what my afternoon thought is right now. Is this the right place where I should be? Pot belly. Let me be a little more specific. Men with potbelly. That’s exactly what I see in my office. Every time, I am bored and don’t feel like working, I have literally no one with whom I can talk. Of course, I can always talk to girls. However, you must have heard the quote “Opposites attract”. I would like to talk to both of them.

Men in my office are so boring. I have never judged anyone on their looks. I am an average looking girl. But, why are they do damn boring? All they talk about is “playing cards” or crack “jokes with absolutely no sense of humour”. Although we have a sports team with young boys who are passionate about sports but they have too much of work. I do talk to them whenever they get time.

Image Source: Major League Dating

Trust me, it is very important to choose an office with young crowd because you can at least talk to them when you have a slow day at work. Everyone has their slow days at work. Here are some tips I am sharing when you have 40+ boring men in office:-



It’s very important to accept the reality. Accept it that you are going to have a terrible time unless and until you leave this job. Try to understand and appreciate their joke. You should understand that there are average people who live in this world. They may not be funny as you are, but you can get bored with them when you are having too much fun in your life.


Spend More Time With Your Girlfriends

My Girl Gang 🙂

Having a girl gang is one of the super coolest things in this world. They are very good  for your health. You can have fun with them anytime. However, they should be people who won’t judge you. You can talk about the hawt intern who joined in your team. 😉 They should be always up for a game. You guys will be on the same page. Be it the beer or the short dress you saw in an online store.



No matter whether it’s your boyfriend or your job , you should leave them ASAP when they are treating you in the right way. Trust me, they won’t ever change. With passing time, they will do more awful things.

Would you to like share some more tips to save me from this situation? I need it so badly.  😦

Comment right now.

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