My little bundle of JOY!!

I have always loved kids just like any other gal, and have done baby-sitting for all my neighbor’s kids when I was a kid. Of course, they were cute, loving and adorable.

And when it’s my little Spandan ( my nephew) growing slowly and steadily, I am not there to see how he is crawling, how he quickly learned walking, how he annoys everyone, how he is laughing. I  feel nostalgic, and sometimes overwhelmed with joy and  regret that I won’t be a part of his childhood memories. He won’t know how much I love him and miss him. I stay in a different city. 

My cutie pie.
My cutie pie.
How He Pronounces My WEIRD Name!!

Every time he is on phone, he will say “COME”. There can be nothing cuter in this world then a toddler saying your name when they start speech learning. He calls me “Po” and “Pa”. The shortcut nickname he uses is one of my favorite things in this world.

Mai aur bua.
Mai aur bua.
How He Sleeps Silently With His Little Arms Around You

That’s when I think that “MY NEPHEW is MY WORLD”. The emotion you feel at that point of time and the connection I share with this little bundle of joy makes me feel complete. When he snuggle his little arms around me, I don’t  move or do anything. I just live that moment. You would also  want to capture that moment if you have a nephew. Few things are so beautiful in this world.

How He Makes Me Feel A Responsible BUA (Read it AUNT)

Spandan is such a cute kid. He is awesome and awful at the same time especially when he will cry non-stop. I will try all the different ways to make him feel good. Alas, he won’t stop.

How Small His Hug Is, And How Happy It Makes Me Feel.
Isn't he adorable?
Isn’t he adorable?

Such small arms. Those small arms give me big hugs. Pure, Honest, and Heartfelt. That’s how I feel when he hugs me and gives me a flying kiss which he has recently learned.

How Heartbreaking It’s For Me To Leave My Little SPANDAN


That’s the worst. You cannot explain to the kid that you are moving far away, and you won’t be back soon. The distance between me and SPANDAN is something which cannot be covered easily. I see his eyes, and I read them. Those long miles will break my heart, and the next time I will come home again he will forget me who am I?

How Real And Beautiful My Bond Is With SPANDAN

No matter how far I am and whether distances separate us for few months or how much time , you will always be my little baby. Cuddling you will be one of the best experiences in life.

You’ll always be my LITTLE ROCKSTAR. 🙂

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