27th Valentine’s Day!!!


Just when the world is celebrating VALENTINE’s DAY with all their red glossy outfits, I was thinking about how confusing relationships have been for me. There are so many different kinds of emotions I have experienced in these 27 years of lifespan, sometimes it was infatuation and sometimes it was my new crush and sometimes it was more like love at first sight.

That hawt guy, oh, I am so fucking serious about him and when he left me, I was all fine, crying for 5 days, and giggling at the 15th day. :

I have fallen for my classmate, and then I met a cute guy in college and yes there was a guy in my common friends group who was a roadie type. I know it may sound weird but sometimes you simply cannot do anything about it.

Yes, I have cried many times when people have left me.Am I too strong? Am I too weak? Last night, I realized it was not love. It was just a good moment. I have just liked them, spend some time, went for a good dinner, get my heart broken and made some good memories. I do sometimes feel sorry for them.

Never have I met someone who just made me feel like my soul is being ripped apart and my heart torn in pieces. And may be, it’s because I have never fallen in love. The best feeling is when you know that you have met this person who has the power to destroy you, but he will always choose you over all the good and great things in this world. ALWAYS!!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all such people out there who will always choose their partners over all the good and great things in this world!!! Happy Valentine’s Day to all you lovely people who stand with their partners even when it’s not convenient for them!! That’s exactly what LOVE is all about. 🙂

ये इश्क नहीं आसां , इतना तो समझ लीजिये
एक आग का दरिया है , और डूब के जाना है

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