An open letter to “KHOONUM KHOONI PERIODS”

Dear Periods,

Have I ever asked to be in my life? How dare you cause me pain when I have not done anything?

Yes, I hate you from the core of my heart. I am sure a lot of other girls do. And of course, few (read all) girls pray that they never ever get periods. You come to us every month. It’s more like a monthly gift which no one needs. Don’t you feel ashamed of yourself that you cause so much pain?


We have no other option, but to accept you happily. What exactly I have done that I deserve so much pain? I can talk about you anywhere I want. I won’t even hesitate for one second. And, I am not embarrassed. But, let me tell you one important thing, your existence sucks! You hurt.

Since middle school, we have been “frenemies”. Would you like to know why I am calling you “Frenemies”? Because, I am thankful to you for little things. Because of you, I can create a new life. Because of you, I exist in this beautiful world. Isn’t it one of the most wonderful feelings in this world?

You are creating a new life. But, what about the cost of tampon pads or menstrual caps and of course, the pain? Who will pay for it? Do you hurt me because I am not getting pregnant? Well, why don’t you understand that I don’t want to be pregnant right now? I can only take care of myself, and not my baby. I don’t earn much.

Do you even understand how much money parents need to take care of the baby? Why do you bother me? Why don’t you take care of yourself? Just get lost. Try to live life on your own. Don’t use me for your own selfish needs. And the worst part is you never warn us before coming. Can’t you ping me? Or send me a short text? Or email?


At least, it will help me be prepared. A bloody bath can happen anywhere no matter what I am doing- whether I am in an official meeting or going for a sports meet or having a good time with my boyfriend.

Don’t misunderstand me. I am a strong girl. I am staying in a new city all alone. But, do you know how terrible I feel when you come and there’s no one to take care of me in the flat? I call my MA and cry helplessly. You make me feel helpless.

I guess you’re never going to change. You are one selfish and stubborn character. You ruined my favorite dress last month. So, please go right now. You’ve caused me enough pain and I don’t want to deal with you anymore.

I’ll see you next month. Be a little kind.


A helpless girl

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