Why you should watch PINK?

Yes, I am a true feminist. I believe in equality. I don’t hate boys. In fact, I had few of the best friends in my life who all are guys. The best thing about PINK is that you will realize that you have met all the characters at some point of time. You must have met them in the coffee shop, or when you were in the library or in bus stop.


Surprisingly, Bollywood took a lot of time to make a movie which says the message clearly, without exaggerating it, without using any obscene language, without any additional drama. It clearly tells us about the mindset of the country where we are living because women have all the rights to attend social gatherings but not parties.

If she attends, it decides her character.

If she comes home late, it decides her character.

If she is working in night shifts, it will again decide our character.

If she looks sexy, she is inviting you to have sex.

All the leading characters you see in the film are young and independent women.

“Aise ladkiyon ke sath toh aisa he hota hai”.

How many times you have heard this phase in your life?

In your office?

Or you overheard your neighbor saying the same when you were in your favorite see-through shirt?

Your co-worker who doesn’t like the fact that you are a little loud and drink.

The intention of PINK is not feminism, but it clearly shows what feminism is all about and why the whole country is going gaga over it.


Feminism is never about being superior from men or we have more rights than you. You don’t even need to be soft or polite because I am a woman. I have equal rights. I have rights to shout, and I won’t mind even if you do the same in a meeting room. I do have problem when you question my character because I voice my opinion.

It’s not a film about three women, but their freedom, fears, frustration, helplessness because of the sick men around them. We have seen so many different characters in this movie, that kind old landlord who never ask the girls to leave the house in spite of getting threats, a not very helpful boyfriend who can either be liberal or truthful and finally leaves the girl when she needed her the most, and of course the feudal and powerful boys who tries every bit to make the life hell for those girls.

Needless to mention, Mr. Piyush Mishra gave a tough competition to the SHENSHAH and you would definitely notice him more in the courtroom, and not Mr. Bachhan.

Yes. You heard it right.

Pink is an educational film. It’s a relevant film in today’s age when the word “feminism” has completely lost its true meaning, when women are accused of misusing the law, when we judge a women and question her character because of uncountable reasons.

It’s wonderful to have a film which clearly says when a woman says “no”, it’s a simple NO.

No explanation, No summary, No interpretation.

It’s a NO.

Your next step is to STOP. No matter whether she is a housewife, a prostitute, a model, a college girl or a call center employee. Independent women who are staying in a different city are not an easy catch. Loud and friendly girls are not always available. It’s all about our choices. Men, you need to respect it.

When the film ends, you have Bachan’s deep baritone voice (which was once rejected by ALL INDIA RADIO) in mind with a thought-provoking poem in women empowerment “Tu Chal”.

Every film should make you think, make you react, make you do things which you have never done or probably you never had the courage to do.

PINK shows you what is right and what is wrong.

PINK may not change your perception or mindset if you don’t want to.

But, it definitely dares you to ask questions.

PINK just did the same.

Shoojit Sircar, you just did a wonderful job. 🙂


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