Why I love DHONI?

Those Unleashed Locks Of DHONI

There are people who don’t remember dates, no matter whether it’s their boyfriend’s birthday or anniversary. I am one of them. I don’t even remember the date when I noticed DHONI in the field. I should have. I just remember the moment when I saw this young batsman with long locks and a noticeable beard which you will adore if you are fond of beard.


How on this earth you can keep those long golden brownish locks with such complexion, when you are a fresher and play for TEAM INDIA. But, you can do it when you are MAHENDRA SINGH DHONI. I must tell you. I was spellbound. I was impressed. I liked the determination he had in his face. You really need confidence to carry those long locks.

A Small Town Guy

I have always loved small town people making it big in the industry. Whether it’s films or cricket or probably media, people from small town go through a lot of struggles to make it big. It’s not an easy journey for them. I live in a metropolitan city. My city Kolkata is a metropolitan city but it is slow and gives me a feeling of small town. Is it slow? Or lack the facilities? Or because I live in Delhi and I find the capital city better than my Kolkata. However, we can talk about Kolkata in my next blog. 😉


Let’s talk about MAHI. I have always been a cricket lover. Probably because I understand the game a little better than the other girls. Probably because you can always find me in TEAM INDIA t-shirts when India is playing the finals. I even go in my office wearing TEAM INDIA t-shirts. Probably because I was also a player when I was in school. I was passionate about the game. I was always a little worried of the dates of my Class XI pre-board because matches were also scheduled in the same dates.

There was a girl in my class. Swati Jaiswal. The only girl who used to love CRICKET. I remember when everyone used to discuss about CHEMISTRY, we were the only ones who discussed DHONI. His chemistry with the game was more appealing to us than those long formulas. We could have bene great female commentators if given a chance. I have always loved DHONI more because of his wicket keeping skills, a little more when he used to hit 6 after taking off his wicket gloves, and because he was great stump-mike chatter.

A Great Stump Mike Chatter


“EK LINE PAKAD KE DAAL” He said this to Umesh Yadav.

“five wickets chaiye tooh thoda mehnat karna padega”.

Oh!! We are definitely going to miss the wicket keeper captain once he retires.  We are going to miss the quiet mutterings of the wicket keeper captain.

He is one player who can play under pressure.

No matter how big he becomes, he will also be the RANCHI guy who loves dogs, clean his bikes whenever he gets time and enjoy dinner at a roadside hotel.

I am eagerly waiting for your next release.


All the best MAHI!!!!







6 thoughts on “Why I love DHONI?

  1. awww lovely…
    He is not only a favorite sports personality to me , but an inspiration..
    The way you quoted his chattering, literally while reading it i can hear his voice in my mind.
    Very beautifully written… each and every details of him… ❤

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