*Subho Bijoya*

She met a very old friend, greeted each other with “SUBHO BIJOYA” and then said,  “Bhalo aachis toh” ( That’s what most Bengalis say when they meet and greet each other) and went to DOMINOS to eat PIZZA. And, they discussed about their future goals, their relationships and how for certain reasons they should have said SORRY to each other.

And, yes, it was DASHMI.

With the month of October ending, Kolkata looks more beautiful and the chilled air makes you realize WINTERS will soon arrive. As they were talking, she suddenly noticed a SOBJIWALA from the top floor of DOMINOS ( it’s SABJIWALA in North India) calculating the money which he made in all throughout the day. She wondered what his wife will ask or say, “Subho Bijoya” naki “Koto taka pele aaj (How much money you made).


Sayanatan ma mishti diye geche subho bijoya bole ( Sayantan’s mother gave me sweets). Tumi koto pele aaj?? Ami mishti kine oor maa ke subho bijoya bole asis. ( How much you earned today? Let me buy sweets and greet her.

Her husband said, But, I guess we should buy new clothes for Munni. She said, Na Na, parar loke ki bolbe, mishti kenaro poisa nei?? ( No, No What will the society think about them).

He realized for the first time that society is more important than their six year old daughter MUNNI.

Hain, SUBHO BIJOYA madam. The DOMINOS GUY greeted her. Enjoy the PIZZA.

She said, “Subho Bijoya”.

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