One more tequila shot!!! Trust me, Sonakshi. I won’t ask for another one. You are my best- friend.

Common, and it’s celebration time. You are getting engaged. One more tequila is now essential for my living. It’s my birthright. Aaj TINA piyegi bhi, aur jashn bhi manyegi.

No Tina, let’s go HOME!! We won’t get the cab.

Sonakshi, why do you want to get the cab?? To reach home safely. Right??

In any case, Uber and Ola have failed to protect girls. You cannot reach home safely if you depend on them.

How about a girl protecting a girl? Isn’t it a great idea??? Tina. You are drunk. Eei, Sonakshi, let’s go for the last shot!!!

And Tina was on CLOUD 9. Her best buddy was getting married this DECEMBER. She started tapping her feet on the background song ” CHITIYAN KALIYAN RE”. I love this song.

Jacqueline was looking so sexy. Suddenly SHE started thinking of her weight. Her room mates were saying that she has gained weight and looks plumpy. No, but she knows that she still looks sexy. Not like Jacqueline, of course!! But it’s quite closer.

Tina, I need to go to the washroom. Please wait here. And, don’t you dare move anywhere.

She saw a young, cute and energetic Punjabi waiter, age 24 and called him, PAAJI, idhar aana please.

Ye Jo CHITIYAN KALIYAN song hain, what does it mean???

Maane ki?? Matlob kya???

Madam, it means GORI KALIYAN…

nandita das edit

Tina was silent for some time. She started thinking of all the functions, celebrations , parties where she had danced on the same tune with a big smile on the face.

Oh yes!!! It was the fresher’s party few days back when she was asked to perform on this song. All the thoomkas made her so popular among her juniors and seniors.

And then there was laptop party for her roomies. It was when she bought her first laptop from her hard- earned money which she got from tuition.

And this was the same song which helped her won the dance competition.

Madam, what happened??? What’s wrong with this song? Should I asked the DJ to change it??

Tina: I am dusky. Meri kaliyan toh gori nahi hain. How can I sing this song?? I don’t have WHITE kalliyans. Are you getting me? Does that mean that only white kalliyans are beautiful?

Waiter: Madam……….ummmmmm. I mean.

Tina: It’s OKAY!!! Bring the bill. She started thinking of her CIVICS classes where she was being taught that India is a democratic country where everyone is equal. And, how come the music directors make such songs??? How come the censor board approves it?  It’s RACISM.

Just when she was in a THINKING MODE, SONAKSHI came. Why are you paying the bill? It’s my TREAT.

Tina ( holding the empty glass she felt empty from inside): Ya, sure.

As Tina and Sonakshi were leaving the floor, the DJ played, “And the last song is requested by the dashing, HARD-WORKING and caring PUNJABI waiter employee of SMILE NOW ( the name of the pub) and the song is

“Hum kaale hain toh kya hua dilwale hain”.

Tina smiled, and the waiter got the BEST TIP that night…



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