* Probably Yours *

Unfortunately, they met at that point in life when LOVE was just a four letter word to be found on the search box of Facebook as “Love quotes” & “Love sayings”. So we did mindless flirting. And, young generation sometimes call it a DATE or ONE-NIGHT STANDS.

Probably, it was four or five night stands and then there were DAY STANDS as they also met in the wee hour of the mornings for a cup of tea and then there were EVENING STANDS because they even met on the evenings after office to know the flavor of GOLGAPPAS.


That’s how he made her fall in love. It was 17th June 2012. As usual, a dull and boring day at office. She was tired. Tired of the breakdowns. Tired of the family problems. Tired of the financial insecurities.

And, suddenly a call from a KNOWN & UNSAVED number made her a little happy. Sometimes, you need a stranger with whom you can talk and who knows nothing about you. You can tell them anything and everything you want, and they won’t judge you. He was that stranger for her.

He : Hi, kya haal?
She : Good. What about you?
He : Bas siriyon mei baith ke baat kar raha hu.
She: Okay. How was your day?
He: Can we meet?
She: No. Why do you want to meet me? Any reason?
He : No as such.
She: Then, leave it.
He: Ok. Chalo, you take care.
She: Bye.

A beautiful JUST FRIENDS story which ended into 24/7 WE SHOULD BE WITH EACH OTHER.

And, that day after a great fight when he told her, “We have not enjoyed each other’s company. We should take time to understand each other. We are not made for each other”. You are venturing your father’s frustration on me”.

Emptiness surrounded her. No, it was not his fault nor her fault. Sometimes, circumstances make things difficult. She promised that she won’t cry if he leaves her.

And, the very next moment she was pleading him to stay back in her life. A happy go lucky girl, confident, smart girl was crying like a 2 year old baby. LOVE!!!!!! It makes you do things which you never imagine.

In the late hours of a dark and empty night when she was all alone in the house, listening to JAGJIT GHAZALS, you are in my mind. Now, when things have changed and he don’t call her often, she feels unwanted.

She thinks of all the good times when he treated her with the favorite SACHA MUCHA AAM on the first date.

She thinks of the ways they greeted each other with GOOD MORNING after spending long beautiful nights.

She thinks of how they planned the trip with so much excitement.

She think of how he took care of her when she was sick.

She think of how they cooked in the kitchen together.

But, now, it’s his words WE ARE NOT MADE FOR EACH OTHER haunts in her mind.

She always wanted his companionship. She wished he was here to see how she feels about him.

*Probably Yours*

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