5 Reasons Why I Have Become A LOST WRITER!

Because, Taslima Nasreen has now become a KHANABADOSH for speaking her mind. Because, I still see INDIA in the category of DEVELOPING COUNTRIES whenever I check the S.S.T textbooks of CBSE. Because, I am scared to speak my mind in social media.

Because, a Muslim boy got arrested in America for no reason.Because, my friend’s in laws staying in America called her dusky and rejected her application to get married to the man of her dreams who was her boyfriend.  I do hope they respect OBAMA.

So why I am lost in the WORLD OF WRITING? Should I become an author? Should I go abroad and write fiction stories like JHUMPA LAHIRI? Do I enjoy writing?  Keep reading to know why I sometimes don’t enjoy this profession.

# I Don’t Feel Like A Writer Any More

What makes a writer a writer? Is it his/her freedom of speech and expression? Is it his/her creativity? Is it because he/she has a publisher?  During a client meeting, one of my colleague said that this brand name don’t really matters. All which matters in today’s world is MONEY & MARKETING.

I am sure he must be talking of a world with illiterates.  I asked him, don’t you think THANDA MATLAB COCA COLA did helped the COKE business to make more money? He said, I am not sure. What he meant was, he don’t know.

# My Colleagues Say That I Do Copy And Paste

No, I don’t hate them for saying that “COPY AND PASTE” term. But, I would like to throw stones on them someday or probably lock them in a cupboard for uttering this non sense.

Trust me, when you say “COPY AND PASTE”, it sounds like you are killing a writer. This is something I have experienced the most when I was working with the SEO companies.

I do have a problem even when people say that SEO guys know nothing, but what they do is COPY & PASTE.

Google is the answer. They are helping businesses to reach the top page of Google.

And, you are telling that they don’t do anything. Really?

If you think you can impress Google, now is the time.

Do let me know what you did.

# I Am Not The Lady Chetan Bhagat

I wonder how come he got so many good publishers even when his writing had so many grammatical errors and punctuation problems. Every time, I read his book and I cannot deny that I do like all the love stories he has written.

The only time when I have a real, genuine problem is when he mentions the list of people who helped him edit the book. Even after editing and proof read, the book looks like an English paper where you will score 3.5/20 if checked properly. Trust me CHETAN, they did nothing. I do hope that your children attend good grammar classes.

# I Work In A Government Office

No. I am not that lucky. However, it’s an extremely reputed organization with a perfect government culture which most of the Indians would have loved. The only problem is I believe in INNOVATIONS.

During a website development project, I suggested few tabs for a site which were different from what their competitors were doing. They didn’t like the idea. So, does that mean that you will only do things which your competitors are doing? In that case, the world would have become a boring place.

# My Interviewer Asked Me “What’s Your Typing Speed”

Dude, how dare you ask me that question? Have you done your schooling? Just because I have not published a book and people don’t know me as a writer, it doesn’t mean that you will ask me about my typing speed. What does my CV reflects? Am I typist? Am I a data entry operator?

And suddenly I heard, “Agla station, HUDA CITY CENTRE”. Was I dreaming? Was I lost?

HELLO!!HELLO!! My fellow passenger said.


She said, You OKAY?

I said, “Yes, of course”.

I have an interview for the post of writer.

She said, Good Luck.

I said, Thanks.

Now, I know why I am a writer. I am a writer because I dream.

I am a writer because my words are not to impress , but express.


Like, comment or share only when you feel it’s worth.  If not, enjoy the beer. 😉 😉



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